Unskilled motorcyclist comically fails wheelie attempt on British road

A dirtbike rider receives a bit of a shock when his wheelie attempt on a busy public road doesn’t exactly go to plan.

Unskilled motorcyclist comically fails wheelie attempt on British road

A biker in Swansea riding dangerously on an unregistered dirtbike hilariously fails at attempting a wheelie on a crowded main road. 

Fortunately, we can laugh about this epic fail as no one was harmed in the making of this dashcam clip. The only thing to take a bashing was the dirtbike riders ego.

In the clip, you can see the rider appear, wearing no safety equipment and clearly on a non-road legal machine - displaying no licence plate. 

He cuts through traffic, disappearing out of the frame for a brief moment. Only to reappear pulling a huge 12 O’clock wheelie with his legs dangling dangerously off the rear of the bike. At this moment he knew, he messed up. 

Clearly out of control, he attempts to run alongside the motorcycle as the front continues to lift. Alas, his feeble attempts to regain control cause him to dramatically slam into the pavement - fortunately not harming any other road users. 

Then with his adrenaline pumping and sense of embarrassment rising, he quickly hops back onto the bike and rides away with both wheels firmly on the ground. Probably for the best right? 

What can we learn from this clip? 

Not to sound like a copper, but wheelies on public roads - especially busy ones - are highly frowned upon. And by that, I mean illegal. 

In short, don’t be a cocky douche like this guy in the video. If you want to 'mono' go to a wheelie school and learn how to do it properly, or go to an off-road training centre. Either way, you avoid ego-crushing embarrassment and way worse, the long arm of the law.