Harley-Davidson calls on Jason Momoa’s big guns to big up LiveWire

Hollywood star Jason Momoa - aka Aquaman - gets his hands on a Harley-Davidson LiveWire... and is impressed with what he discovers

Jason Momoa Harley-Davidson LiveWire

It’s no secret Harley-Davidson’s fortunes have been on the wane for some time but it still remains one of motorcycling’s biggest – and most iconic – brands.

So, it’s inevitable it’s been calling out the big guns with the coolest Instagram accounts to help shift its latest offering, the Harley-Davidon LiveWire electric motorcycle.

Step forward Jason Momoa… aka Aquaman… aka Khal Drogo… aka all round cool guy.

Certainly one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars at the moment, Momoa is toast of the film industry, revered by admirers of any sex and – for Harley-Davidson – looks good with his locks fluttering in the wind riding your motorcycle on a YouTube channel with 650,000 subscribers.

It’s got all the marketing tropes used to promote the LiveWire – it’s the future, it’s fast, good for the environment – though Momoa, after initial trepidation, seems genuinely stoked to be ragging it around some picturesque US roads. Then again, he is an actor…

“Harley wanted me to test one of the new LiveWires, I was kind of like ehhh. I like the idea of it but I wanted to hear it,” he began.

Naturally, he was won over. It’d be awkward if he wasn’t.

“I have never been on anything this fast, it kind of blew my mind. I am in love with it, it’s amazing and I look forward to the future of many more of these bikes.

“It’s so fast, faster than I need, it’s amazing. It’s good for the planet, beautiful, we’re moving with the times’

“Best part is, it’s the future. You can have this and your old one. It’s amazing.”

The last comment could be seen as a way to appease the H-D faithful more akin to growling around on a chopper – the LiveWire isn’t intended to replace them, but it does look good standing next to them in the garage.

To be fair, Momoa knows his motorcycles and his – rather beautifully produced – YouTube videos are often dedicated to his passion. Our favourite is when he converted an heirloom Harley into having a sidecar to be used by his children, a cheeky response to his wife forbidding him to let them ride on the back of one.

So, we’ll give the benefit of our cynical doubt and look beyond the rather ‘word in mouth’ crossover promotion because, well, he’s a cool guy.

Could have probably invested in some leathers though…