Tony Bou + Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin = AWESOME!!!

Tony Bou has been up to his tricks again, although this time he’s been hooning around a trials park on a Honda Africa Twin!

Tony Bou

WE have known for quite a while now that Tony Bou posses’ weapons-grade levels of ability when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Enduro, Trials, even motocross, his talent is vast. But his latest video shows an all-new side to his genius, as he shows what a Honda Africa Twin can really do!

Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin on and off-road video review

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Compared to Mr Bou’s normal wheels, the big AT is a bit of a behemoth but that really doesn’t seem to be putting the Spanish wizard off. He’s seen in the video below launching the 226kg machine up and over logs and rock climbs with almost no trouble whatsoever. Amazing when you consider that his trials bike he’d usually be riding weighs in at a featherweight 70kg – or just a little bit more than one Dani Pedrosa wearing his leather and riding gear!

Tony Bou trials park Honda Africa Twin

Making the film all the more impressive is the fact that Mr Bou seems to be riding a fairly stock bike, with little in the way of modifications safe for a fruity sounding Termignoni exhaust and some extra knobbly hoops running at very low pressure. Other than that, all looks pretty much standard

The clips you can see here isn’t even the finished film, we are told that is in the making with Honda Spain looking after all the filming. We’ll be keeping a close eye out for when it does eventually drop and be sure to post the full video.