Teen facing jail for ramming police officer from motorcycle

A teenager driving a stolen car is facing jail for intentionally ramming a police officer from his motorcycle in a shocking incident caught on camera

Teen Rams police motorcycle in stolen car

A teenage criminal is to face jail after he intentionally rammed a police officer from his motorcycle while he was trying to stop him.

Callum Fellows, 18, was driving a stolen Seat Leon at the time and was being tailed by PC Steve Lovering who had some hunches about the car.

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After following the vehicle for some time, PC Lovering pulls alongside in an attempt to get the driver to pull over and answer his questions. No sooner has he made it level with the driver-side door, the driver puts the car in reverse and then moves off forwards, turning in to the traffic officer and sending him to the floor.

His bike has barely hit the deck and already PC Lovering is on the radio, advising his control room of the incident and letting them know which way the culprits have travelled in.

Restoring some faith in humanity is the manner in which the general public comes to check on the officer, with a small group of people quickly gathering to ensure he was okay.

One man asks the officer: "Are you alright? Are you sure you don't need to sit down?"

PC Lovering replies: "I'm good thanks, mate.

"Worst thing about it – it's not the first time it's happened, it won't be the last. It was a stolen car.

"Thank you everyone very much for stopping."

Fellows, of Wolverhampton, admitted assault, dangerous driving, criminal damage, and driving while disqualified.

He's also admitted receiving stolen goods, three other charges of dangerous driving and disqualified driving, as well as stealing a motor vehicle.

Fellows is now awaiting sentence.

PC Lovering said: "It was pure luck that there weren't any cars near me when I was knocked off the bike, as it could have been much worse.