Stan Stephens 1200cc V6 two-stroke motorcycle is frightening

Legendary motorcycle tuner Stan Stephens has built a 1200cc two-stroke V6 motorcycle and it’s about as scary as it gets

Stan Stephens 1200cc V6 two-stroke motorcycle

IF somebody asked you to think of a legendary motorcycle engine tuner, the chances are you have one name popping into your head. Stan Stephens was, and still is, the name in motorcycle engine tuning that everybody knows.

Starting out as a sidecar racer, moving through speedway and then on to building engines for the stars of motorcycle racing. Stan Stephens has officially been there and done that. Although he’s never built a 1200cc V6 Two-stroke motorcycle…

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Until now.

The bike has actually been in the works for quite some time – we even reported on it back in 2015. Beck then the ‘bike’ was more of an engine, well, it was just an engine. But an engine built by the man himself and it looks and sounds absolutely amazing.

The barrels of the beast have come from Yamaha Banshee quad bike. A machine that is already powered by a potent 350cc twin, an engine that itself was developed from the legendary RD350LC motor. Stan’s mounted all of this on a V6 crankcase built up from one-and-a-half RD500 motors, the result promises to be something rather special.

The video of the Dyno run was taken at NYA Bikes in Ossett, who also shared some images of the bike alongside the video. There is no confirmation of when the machine is going to be finished, although given that it has taken over five years to get from an engine to a running bike, it’s not going to be done soon!