Talk about cat-like reactions!

They say that riding a bike heightens your senses...

Talk about cat-like reactions!

A LITTLE GOOD NEWS story for you now as a biker manages to pick an apparently escaped bird out of the air while riding along!

They say that riding a motorcycle increases your awareness of what’s going on around you, in fact, studies suggest that riding a motorcycle stimulates the prefrontal areas of the brain – the part that deals with cognitive behaviour and decision making. Two things that are important, when catching an escaped budgie!

Our hero spots the amiable avian as the bird flew directly at his bike, without a second thought our Honda riding hero slows and moves his bike over to the kerb. A second later and the creature is clasp in a leather clad hand, ready to be passed back to who we assume is the owner of the bird.

In all seriousness, the mental benefits of riding a bike over driving a car are massive – in a car your brain is mostly passive, thinking about what’s for dinner, what you’re doing after work or how late this traffic jam is going to make you. On a bike it’s so different, it’s life and death after all! Your brain is firing off signals to your muscles like a Gatling Gun, while your eyes and ears are shooting them back to your brain just as quickly. It’s this massive amount of data getting shared constantly while you’re riding that wakes your brain up and when you stop riding, it’s still running at the same increased level.

Motorcycles are like the biggest tastiest energy drink on the market – only more fun!