Take a look inside Valentino Rossi’s secret room

With nearly 25-years’ worth of trophies, race suits, bikes and memories inside; VR46’s inner sanctum really is a sight to behold

Valentino's secret room

THE description of Valentino Rossi’s secret room may sound like the intro to 50 shades of grey – hidden in his house, heavy-duty lift access, lots of leather hanging around the place… But the main difference between his story and the pseudo, soft-porn chick-flick is; we actually want to hear about this!

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Built as a place for Rossi to contain all his race suits, boots, gloves bike and memories of his long and illustrious career in the world of motorcycle racing.

In the video Rossi begins by explaining the connection he has with both AGV and Dainese, explaining how he first began racing full-size bikes (125cc) wearing the Italian brands’ kit.

“From the very year that is started riding the big motorbikes, 1993, through my dad Graziano’s friendship with Aldo Drudi and Lino Dainese, I’ve always raced with Dainese.”

“I was also a big fan of Japanese riders, who all wore different suits and helmets, however, my idols all wore Dainese. I’ve always been a fan of Kevin Schwantz and he raced with Dainese … Loris Reggiani, Gramigni…”

The video is part of a four-part series exploring the stories and the kit from his career motorcycles. The first two episodes can be found below – don’t worry if there isn’t much to look at in episode one – the good stuff will happen in the following episodes!

As each new episode gets released, we'll be sure to share them by adding them to this page.

Valentino’s Secret Room Episode 1

Valentino’s Secret Room Episode 2

Valentino’s Secret Room Episode 3