Michael Jackson tribute Hayabusa

King of Pop immortalized on a Suzuki Hayabusa

AN oddly fitting tribute as the memory of Michael Jackson adorns a Suzuki Hayabusa.

The custom 'Busa has been suitably slammed and stretched, perhaps in a nod to the star's well publicised plastic surgery, with a chronicle of MJ's pop life from his childhood in the Jackson Five to his solo career sprayed on the bodywork.

The builder of the tribute bike is Marcell 'Porkchop' Miller, who turns out to be a friend of the family. The bike was ridden through the cemetery in a tribute ride by Porkchop in memory of the popstar's death two years ago. The pictures from TMZ.com were taken by one of the singer's children Paris Jackson as they inspected the bike and gave their approval, said Porkchop.

Michael Jackson has a vague association with two-wheels, turning into a rabbit and riding a motorbike in the music video Speed Demon.