Stunning Harley Davidson custom shows its inner workings

Watch as this custom motorcycle runs on the bench with its internal engines parts fully on display!

Stunning Harley Davidson custom shows its inner workings

WE have so many questions about this build – how does it lubricate the top end? Is it running nylon bushes instead of bearings? What happens when you drop a bolt into one of those openings? Who much Autosol are you gonna have to invest in if you buy it?!?!?!

Whatever your stance on custom cruisers, you can’t deny the work that’s gone into making this a seemingly working bike!

Reposted by Klock Werks custom motorcycles in the US – their post reads:

‘#Repost @bornfreeshow - turn up volume and enjoy the show...engineered and crafted by @Vintagetechnologies Sorry...Can’t wait gotta post this now!!! We really try our best to stay positive and block out the noise...even though the internet haters tell us we suck & always try to ruin what people are passionate about. Does not matter what ur into.. model trains, Bigfoot or motorcycles there’s always some clown telling you that you are doing it wrong... well here’s to those swell folks... It’s running!! Turn up ur volume!! @vintagetechnologies built a full blown extreme Show Bike!! It’s not meant to ride cross county , won’t hold a passenger and probably won’t win a drag race... but what he did do is build something incredible! His way, His vision and we are so beyond proud to have Hawke and his killer bike at our show!! #bf11invitedbuilder #bf11 #bornfreshow #buildmotorcycleshavefun #nevertoolatetochange