THIS is what you get when you combine motorbikes and football...

You have a motorbike. You have a football. Have you ever wondered what could happen next? Wonder no more...


MOTORBIKES and football… what’s not to love? The beautiful machine meets the beautiful game… well, sort of.

Feast your eyes on ‘Motoball’, the fast-paced, high-octane, occasionally slapstick game of football played with a 250cc motorbike revving between some prized legs that – believe it or not - is FIM-sanctioned right down to the rules and regulations, with the European Championships representing the pinnacle of achievement.

Held in Germany, European Championship Final was contested between the host nation and Russia, and SPOILER ALERT it didn’t go the local way with the Russians running out a comfortable 7-5 winner.

Based on this full stream of the final – a full two and a half hours of visual pleasure if you are at a loose end – it’s difficult to imagine anyone is able to ‘Bend it like Beckham’ but it does get a touch gnarly with more than a few collisions and tumbles. Proper ones that is, not footballers tripping over their own shoelaces and then employing some amateur dramatics to get a free kick (just saying).

However, as far as multi-tasking goes, some impressive skills are being employed and some fairly sprightly dashes for the goal with an oversized ball which for the goalkeeper - who doesn't have a bike - is rather alarming!  It's more action-packed than the Champions League final anyway.

It looks like a Top Gear stunt but Motoball has been in play since the 1930s and judging by the decent crowds here it attracts a dedicated following… that or a lot of overly curious bystanders. Either way, we want to give it a go. Stag do, anyone?

If your curiosity has piqued - because we're thinking you shouldn't try this at home - check out the official Motoball UK Facebook page for more information.