Is this the strangest bike crash ever?

He doesn’t even pull the brake!

WE'VE seen some weird bike crashes but this one is truly odd! Filmed in what looks like the USA, the rider of the bike is traveling along the outside lane at speed, when the car that captures the footage joins the same lane. Instead of slowing down to allow a safe gap the rider closes in on the car and eventually rear-ends the vehicle, sending him and the bike sliding down the road.

What’s really odd is you can clearly see the rider’s right hand and it’s nowhere near the front brake lever! He just seems to make no attempt to stop the bike. He’s also not using the rear brake as just before the impact you clearly see him place his right foot on the road as if in a failed attempt to slow the bike down.

Whatever happened, it takes the prize for the oddest bike crash we’ve seen this year!

What do you think?