Sending it on a scooter: Nitro Circus style

Causing chaos through Cape Town...

Nitro Circus Cape Town

NITRO CIRCUS are known for their crazy stunts and competitive nature.

So when they headed to South Africa for Nitro Circus Cape Town, it’s no surprise that Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams decided to challenge his co-stunters, Travis Pastrana and Steve Mini, to a race to the top of Lion’s Head.

However, instead of their usual motocross bikes, the race was to take place on three rental scooters, and instead of a dirt track, the route led them through the centre of the city.

The trio ride along pavements, up and down stairs and attempt to jostle each other from their bikes, as they make their way up to the 669m peak.

As they arrive at the top, they drop their bikes and sprint to the finish line, where Pastrana narrowly pulls ahead and takes the win. Mini takes second place, while Williams is left to face his own forfeit…