Bizarrely-dressed biker caught on Google Street View

Is this the strangest Street View spot yet?

GOOGLE STREET VIEW has churned up some serious gems; people that knew they were being snapped and played up for the camera, and the unlucky ones who were just caught unawares.

Take the recent sidecar stunt guy, for example, this wheelie R1 rider, or this unlucky pair whose painful crash was caught on camera.

But the latest bizarre biker to surface on Google Maps is a bit of an enigma. Riding along behind the Street View Car on Rialto Boulevard in Austin, Texas, this biker appears in a series of snaps, taken in May 2018.

Riding a yellow and black Kawasaki ZX-6R with matching helmet, boots and gloves the biker appears to be wearing an array of swimming floats. A inflatable flamingo sits around his waist (neck facing backwards), while foam noodles stick out from various angles.

At first the rider appears to be an opportunist, who spotted the chance to make some unsuspecting Street Viewers laugh. However, in an unfolding mystery on Reddit, users shared photos of the biker wearing different clothing under the inflatable, suggesting the outfit is a frequent occurrence…

Alright, which of you is headed for the beach? from r/CalamariRaceTeam

Whatever the case, we admire the guy’s guts. Although we don’t think this is the life-saving protection that would really help much in a motorcycle accident...

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