Sealed Indian Motorcycles 1940s crate engine gets opened

A rare and unopened Indian Motorcycles crate engine has been found in the states gets opened in this stunning video

Indian Crate engine unboxed

A rare and unopened Indian Motorcycles crate engine has been unearthed by the Wheels Through Time motorcycle museum in the states.

In the video the team shared to social media on Monday, it shows one of the curators of the vintage and pioneer motorcycle museum wheeling the weathered crate into the museum placing it in front of their WW2 motorcycle exhibit.

Indian Motorcycles FTR1200 walk around 

Adding to the intrigue, the crate the engine is protected by only carries a few faded stamps detailing the contents. The part number on the outside isn’t much help to the viewer, although the weight of the unit helps the crew opening the box rule out a few options. At 203lbs (92kg), the unit is said to be too heavy to be a Scout engine, although, ultimately, the team doesn’t know what it is until they set eyes on it.

Rare and vintage unopened Indian Motorcycles crate engine opened

Cutting through the wire that wraps the crate, the team then set about pulling off the front panels of the crate, revealing a V-twin engine within that not surprisingly is still in as-new condition. So well preserved is the engine, after all these years it still carries the protective coverings on the carburettor and distributor.

Later in the video, it’s revealed that the engine had been owned by the same Long Island motorcyclist since the 1960s. That’s around 60 years of having to live with the temptation of opening the thing and looking at what was inside.

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