This hilarious MotoGP race has more mad action than the real thing!

This hilarious take on the pre-race and event commentary from the 2019 might be our favourite racing film of the year!

This hilarious MotoGP race has more mad action than the real thing!

A group of motorcycle-mad friends from Malaysia has put together this hilarious spoof of the 2019 British Grand Prix, swapping the live-feed from the cameras at the track for their own footage from the streets of rural Kuala Lumpur.

The skit begins with the oh-so-familiar MotoGP intro music, a tune I’m pretty sure we have all heard for many hours after nodding off at the end of an event on a Sunday. Standard fashion, the camera makes its way down the grid, taking in the looks on the faces of the pensive riders.

But instead of a line of well-prepped men, machines, and pit-crews, we’re greeted by a motley crew of part-time road-racers, each with their appropriate grid-representative holding a banana leaf aloft to shield them from the heat.

And as the audio track is taken from the 2019 British MotoGP event, where Fabio Quartararo and Andrea Dovisiozo had a mammoth coming together, the start of the event is nothing but spectacular, with bikes and riders immediately wheelieing off into the jungle!

The rest of the ‘race’ is a mixture of dodgy, long-distance video on what seems to be a 3rd generation iPhone, and some tracking video that I’m pretty sure was done with somebody hanging out of a tuk-tuk! It all kind of adds to the feel of the video though, don’t you think!?

Yes, it is just a bit of fun. Yes, we know they shouldn’t be doing it on the public road. And, yes, we know they aren’t wearing appropriate safety gear. But for just one day in these kids lives they got to do something not many folks do, they became their heroes.

And for that, we applaud them!

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