Miniature Harley-Davidson V-twin sounds just like the real thing!

The Cison FG-VT9 is a scale replica of a Harley-Davidson V-twin engine, boasting 9cc and making just under 1bhp – and we want one!


IT’S A widely known fact that motorcycle fans are generally interested in anything that involves a petrol engine – lawnmower, chainsaw, if it burns petrol and makes noise, we’re in! Add in some miniaturisation though – as with this scale Harley-Davidson replica V-twin – and we are like moths to a flame!

Built to replicate an H-D Panhead motor, this seriously cute piece of engineering doesn’t just look like a mini version of the real thing, it goes and sounds like one too. The Cison FG-VT9 is a 9cc, four-stroke engine that produces a tiddly 0.8hp. Its diminutive 16.67x21mm bore and stroke give the Cison the kind of 8,000rpm redline that a full-sized Panhead could only ever dream of!

Cute to look at it may be, but as with any Harley, it’s the sound that really appeals. This mini-V-twin actually manages to replicate the sound and shudder of a full-sized H-D V-twin. At tickover, the distinctive ‘potato-potato-potato’ soundtrack is easily heard. Check out the video below to find out for yourself!

Cison FG-VT9 engine spec


  • Brand: CISON
  • Model: FG-9VT
  • Item: V-type two-cylinder four-stroke gasoline engine
  • Form: finished product (assembled)
  • Cylinder: V-type two-cylinder
  • Stroke: Four-stroke
  • Displacement: 9(4.5*2)cc
  • Bore: 16.67mm
  • Stroke: 21mm; Angle: 45°
  • Speed: 2000-8000rpm
  • Power: 0.8ps
  • Starting power: 2S-3S lithium battery
  • Cooling method: air cooling
  • Starting method: electric drill start
  • Fuel: gasoline (mixed lubrication 25:1)
  • Product Weight: 1500g
  • Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 25cm
  • .Package Weight: 2000g

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