Irresponsible group on bikes close North Circular as a tribute

A group of people riding sportsbikes, scooters and off-road motorcycles closed part of the North Circular Road at the weekend

North Circ

A group of people riding motorcycles has closed off part of the North Circular London ring road at the weekend, causing disruption to hundreds of motorists.

The group is reported to have pulled the stunt as a tribute to a friend who had passed away.

After riding along the road in convoy, slowing the traffic behind them as they went, the group then held back the mass of cars, as they began to pull wheelies, burnouts, and donuts on the road in north London.

The post accompanying the video reads:

‘SHUT DOWN THE NORTH CIRCULAR TODAY FOR MY UNCLE. The pain can’t be described but this was the best thing everrrr‼️ sleep tight I’ll see you again soon my heart is heavy but I gotta stay strong LOVE YOUUUU FOREVER MOREEEE GOD KNOWS !!!’

While the group is performing the stunts on the road, other members of the convoy are seen to be walking around between the bikes filming and photographing the scene and then sharing it on social media.

While the loss of a loved one at any time, let alone during this lockdown, is a tragic event that people have every right to mourn, you do have to think, 'what if there were an ambulance with a critically ill patient inside, stuck in the traffic behind them?'

We have no report of how long the bikes closed the road for, although judging by the size of the queue behind the motorcycles, it was a fairly lengthy amount of time.

Would you consider closing a public road in this manner as a tribute to a fallen friend?