A day in the life of Toni Bou looks awesome

Toni Bous answer to self-isolation involves brushing his teeth, getting dressed and having a coffee – sounds pretty normal to me

Toni Bou

IT’S not just the general public who are having to endure what is becoming a Europe-wide lockdown – celebrities and sportspeople alike are also having to battle with the boredom of being locked up on house arrest 24/7.

But how do you keep yourself occupied when you’re stuck in your house day and night? The devil makes work for idle hands is the saying after all…

If you happen to be a 26-time world trails champion – 13 indoor and 13 outdoor – it seems you just go about your daily business all from the seat of your Montessa Honda Trails machine!

We’re a big fan of Toni’s skill son a trails bike, but in this latest video, he really seems to be taking the mickey!

Not only does he brush his teeth and select his outfit for the day while riding his bike around his house, he then nips downstairs – and yes Toni Bou has a lift in his house! – to make himself a coffee before cracking on and building a mini-assault course in his lounge!

He then takes the bike down into the garage beneath his house – navigating a spiral staircase in the process before wheelieing it around his well spec’d (and full of Repsol) garage!

To top it all off he then bunny hops the bike onto the motocross stand! I struggle to safely plant a motorcycle on those when I’m stood on the floor next to them – let alone ride one on!

While all this riding around looks fun, I don't think i'd fancy being his flatmate!

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