High-wire motorcycle bear act causes outrage

China under fire over cruel animal circus shows

ANIMAL CRUELTY in China has reached the headlines once again, as pictures have emerged of a bear forced to ride a motorcycle along a tightrope 30ft from the floor at one of the country's circus venues.

Animal rights campaigners have called for action following the release of the disturbing images; the pictures are included in a report, released in Hong Kong, which found widespread maltreatment of animals at 13 safari parks and zoos across China.

Campaigners are hoping the disturbing revelations will prompt China to speed up the introduction of its first ever animals rights law, submitted earlier this year but yet to receive official approval.

David Neale, Animals Asia's animal welfare director, told The Telegraph newspaper:

"Teaching animals to perform inappropriate tricks does nothing to educate the public or foster respect for animals. These performances teach the public nothing except for the animals' size, shape and colour."