Hey, don’t take it out on the Tarmac!

Rider just can't accept that maybe, just maybe, he was at fault here...

Hey, don’t take it out on the Tarmac!

WE WON'T LIE, we love a good post-crash meltdown as riders blame anything and anyone for their own failings forgetting it's all being caught on camera and - in true millenial style - being uploaded to social media before they've even gotten back behind the barriers.

In the spirit of the greatest Saturday afternoon amateur dramatics we often see on the football pitch, riders will came down on their own and try blame all and sundry around them. But short of shouting at inanimate objects, you end up shouting into thin air...

Usually it is the bikes that get the brunt of the frustration but for Czech Republic's World Supersport 300 rider Vojtech Schwarz it was the Doninton Park track itself that he'd rage at in amusingly animated fashion, doing his best Planet of the Apes 'It was Earth all along' impression as he pounds it after crashing on the exit of the Melbourne Loop.

More concerningly, he lingers on track, reeling from the fact he only has himself to blame, giving the riders behind a bit of a surprise as they come across him on the exit throwing his toddler tantrum.

Watch his monumental strop right here

In fairness, there was some method to his madness as the over-subscribed Supersport 300 class with its 50+ riders means sessions need to be split into two and a 'last chance race' held featuring the slowest 21 riders from qualifying. Thery then race for six available spots in the main Supersport 300 race. In short, the stakes are high in qualifying to make it straight through and starting 21st means you are unlikely to make it into the top six.

As for Schwarz, he did indeed start last and could only make it to 14th. Damn you, Tarmac!