Here's the relaxing sight of a Suzuki Hayabusa on a paddle tyre kicking up roost

Riding a Suzuki Hayabusa up one of the largest sand dunes in the US is evidently not something to be done without a few modifications…

Suzuki Hayabusa, sand dune. - Matt Spears/YouTube

The Suzuki Hayabusa is not known as a master of the dunes, but adding a paddle tyre to the back and a knobby to the front just might transform its off-roading fortunes.

YouTuber Matt Spears decided to give exactly that a go, sticking a fat paddle on the rear of his Hayabusa, and a 21-inch spoked wheel wrapped in a knobby on the front, as well as a more off-road capable fork from KYB.

The result is quite simple: big revs, big spin, and some pretty big roost, too.

All we can say is that we’re glad Spears lives nowhere near Trentino, because kocking on for 200 horses firing sharp Italian rocks out the back could be the most painful experience in all of motorcycling for the poor hypothetical person who finds themselves in the wake of the big Suzuki.

In comparison, wet sand dunes probably make a slightly less uncomfortable roost to ride into, but the dunes themselves provided the challenge for Spears’ latest ‘Busa-based ride, as he headed to the largest sand dune in the US it is legal to ride up.

Spears’ previous adventures with the Hayabusa saw him take it off-road as a bone-stocker which resulted in the unintentional removal of the oil and, therefore, a terminal oil leak. After that, a skid plate was fitted, as well as crash bars, knobbies front-and-rear, and a bigger rear sprocket. That made the Hayabusa into a slightly more capable off-roader. But, it took two attempts to get it through the Moab desert’s famous Hell’s Gate

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