Guy Martin’s latest interview is a little awkward to watch!

Ex TT racer and TV presenter Guy Martin gives his opinion of Snap-on’s latest mechanic’s creeper

Guy Martin

GUY MARTIN is a man famous for giving interviews you can’t tear your eyes away from – sometimes because they are so bizarre!

From his random ‘wonky-donkey’ speech for a documentary, to the wide-eyed ramblings from the MotoGP grid at COTA this year when he was there to ‘get his eye in’. Eye in for what Guy?

But what do you think to the video below??

Has the legend from Lincolnshire gifted the internet with his weirdest (and most entertaining) piece to camera yet. Posted on the Snap-on tools Facebook page, Guy gives us his thoughts on Snap-on’s new JCWTANK Creeper (a device that allows mechanics to slide in and out from under vehicles) but instead of trying the device out and standing up to deliver his verdict, he stays horizontal and slides about the floor telling us how great it is!

If one thing is for sure; the hairbrained record attempts and the crazy interviews are just two reasons we really don’t want you to change Guy!

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