Fancy a trip up the Pikes Peak Hill Climb?

Well, as close as you can get without leaving you seat anyway!

HELMET AND MOTORCYCLE clothing company, Icon teamed up with Tokyo based racer, Akinori Inoue to create this awesome 360° video of the historic Pikes Peak International Hillclimb.

Inoue and the AFG Motorsports team took part in the 96th running of the Race to the Clouds which is now run purely on Tarmac instead of the dirt tracks of old. Since the change of surface, the event has been open to motorcycles as well as cars, although the rules now stipulate sports bikes with clip-on bars are exempt from taking part due to a series of bad crashes

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb is 20km long, takes in 156 corners, ascends nearly 3000 metres and was first raced back in 1916. Guy Martin famously raced at the event riding a 500hp, turbo-charged Suzuki he built, finishing top in his class back in 2015.