Speeding and swerving motorist gets instant karma on the A2

Feeling down? Fed up of people changing lanes last minute with no indication? This video will make it all better again!

near miss car driver.png

*Please read in a David Attenborough voice*

We all see it, flash car, window tints, hurtling towards a stationary row of cars and then switching lanes at the last minute to gain those vital, extra few places at the red traffic light. The Latin name given to these people was coined by early observers as Dick-headus Driver-us. The more common name you or I probably use is, the Dickhead driver.

Sadly this absolute specimen hasn’t noticed that a Police man, in these parts referred to as a Rozzer, is driving the car he’s just nearly mounted the back of, like a bull rhino in bloody rutting season.

You can imagine the glee on the face of the gnat-like motorcyclist, as the blue lights flash signaling the end of this nocturnal hunt.

Sadly, a recent decline in the Rozzer species, now critically endangered, has meant that the Dickhead driver now roams the plains of the UK almost unchallenged. Spreading like a virus and overpowering the smaller species in much the same way the Grey Squirrel has overpowered the smaller Red Squirrel.

On this occasion though we can bask in the glory of this capture, which is surely one of the truly marvelous scenes ever to be seen on the plains of southeast England.

Apologies if the video above doesn't play properly. click here to see it on Reddit.

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