WATCH: Florida motorcyclist filmed riding with wolf on his head

Certainly not something you see everyday...

wolf helmet

A MOTORCYCLIST has been filmed riding along an American motorway with a wolf skin draped over his head.

The man, aboard a betassled Indian cruiser, was spotted by politician Mandy Powers Norrell and her son who took the below video. 

While it appears the man has literally just thrown the animal skin over his head, if you look a little closer you'll notice that there's actually a helmet under there. And for the skin to stay in place, it must be pretty well attached. 

The video has attracted outrage online, with many commenters voicing their disgust at the man. 

"Looked a lot better on the wolf," commented one. "I'm nauseated," said another, who goes by the name Political Twit. "I wish we were in a cartoon and Bugs Bunny could just saw off Florida."

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