Don’t let the snow stop you this winter – get a Gixer-mobile!

It’s true we all love a day off because of the snow but imagine the fun you could have on the way to work with this!

A VIDEO uncovered on Reddit shows about the only winter sport I’m actually interested in! Take one GSX-R1000 (judging by the sound of it anyway!) and mate it to the tracks and front ski from a snowmobile. Presto! You have one seriously cool looking way of dodging the drifts. Or doing drifts and wheelies, in the snow - who’d of thought it!

The idea of mating snowmobile and motorcycle has been around for a while, it’s normally limited to off-road styled CRF450s and the like though, this is the first time I’ve seen someone go full on snowmobile-centipede with a superbike!

Seriously though image this, trackday at Cadwell is booked, open the curtains to see a foot and half of snow. No problem if you turn up on this thing - image it over the Mountain!

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