Dani Pedrosa describes a lap on the KTM MotoGP RC16

Dani Pedrosa has described a lap on KTM’s RC16 MotoGP bike to his pit-crew, and it includes some interesting sound effects!

IT’S no secret that when motorcycle addicts describe riding a motorcycle to our non-motorcycle riding friends – we do come across as sounding a bit weird. We have our own language though, and it takes years to become fully fluent, so we’re dammed if we aren’t going to use it!

It’s also no secret that when racers talk to their engineers about how a bike is handling, they take this language to a whole new level, including sign language, body movements and quite often sound effects into the equation!

As one of the most experienced MotoGP racers on the planet, Dani Pedrosa is probably one of the most fluent people on the planet when it comes to ‘speaking motorcycle’ – and this video is all the proof we need!


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