Is the Bullit Hero 50 about to make 50cc bikes cool again!

Bullit’s new Hero 50 mixes retro-styling, a twin-cam, dual exhaust engine and a shed-load of cool

Bullit Hero 50

RETRO motorcycle maker Bullit have announced their latest machine to hit the streets. It’s called the Hero 50 and it’s making us wanted to be 16 all over again!

The recipe for the Hero 50 (and the rest of the Bullit range) is simple. Take a low-stressed air-cooled motor, strip back all the unnecessary rubbish, bin all the plastic and finally, turn the hipster-dial up to eleven! It’s a tried and tested method and it’s working well for the brand as they have some of the coolest small capacity bikes on the road.

The motor in the Hero 50 is a 50cc motor making it learner legal for 16-year-olds on a provisional licence and CBT. It’s a twin-cam lump which is unusual for a bike of this sort. They are normally as basic as basic gets, so a little twin-cam raciness is all good by us! Adding to the unusual design touches is a dual exhaust pipe, with two exhaust ports. One loops around the frame’s down-tube, meeting the other on the right-side of the bike and then running into a sweet looking up-swept, high-level end can.

Completing the urban-scrambler look are funky USD forks, bench seat, scrambler bars and the obligatory single headlight. We likey, a lot!

Here's what makes the Bullit Hero 50 even cooler...

A big bonus with this over the other 50cc offerings available is the lack of plastics. Race-rep 50cc machines, like the Aprilia RS50, are so tricky to insure for under 16s. This though, with it’s lack of racy looking kit and rugged outward appearance should be much easier to get over the line with folk in the call centre.

We have no confirmed price for this machine as yet but with Bullit’s Hero 125 costing £2595, the 50 is likely to be somewhere south of there.

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