Saturday's NW200 race results

Dunlop's dominate as Brookes takes second North West podium

CARRYING on the Dunlop name, the two brothers Michael and William dominated the last race day of the North West 200 yesterday with race wins and podiums as well as Michael being awarded 'Man of the Meeting.'

After taking advantage of Josh Brookes’ mistake at a chicane, Michael took the lead of the Superbike race and said: “We came here with no time whatsoever on the bikes and we beat BSB riders like Alastair Seeley and Josh Brookes.

“We did it in the wet and in the dry today and this means that I have now won International road races on BMW’s, Kawasaki’s, Yamahas and Hondas.”

Continuing, Michael explained: “I really wanted to show what I could do on the BMW and the crowd was fantastic as they cheered me on on that last lap.

“After the first race I had a good feel for the bike and we made a few changes that made things better and the best thing was that I stopped anyone beating my dad Robert’s record of 15 North West wins.”

The Supersport race was won by 44-year-old Bruce Anstey on his Valvoline Padgett’s Honda as race leaders Alastair Seeley and Lee Johnston crashed out together at Metropole.

Jokingly Anstey said: “I think I got out of bed on the right side this morning. My 600 is as fast as anything out there and I had lost out to Johnston and Seeley when I overshot Mather’s chicane.”

The elder Dunlop brother William won the first Superbike race by 0.5 seconds over Michael after he had a poor start. A sinselating race let alone last lap showed everyone watching around the North West 200 circuit or on the live stream the sheer talent the Dunlop brothers have on the roads.

Tyco Suzuki rider William Dunlop said: “I didn’t even know Michael was there until Mather’s on the last lap.

“I had been taking it easy to save the tyres but I had to start racing again. It’s been a long time coming but it’s nice to have won here on a 125, 250, 600 and big bike.”

Johnston won the second Supertwin race replicated Thursday’s win with Michael Dunlop finishing second ahead of James Cowton.

"I really needed that," said Johnston. "I've been walking round the paddock with a long face after what happened in the Supersport race so I really wanted to win this race and pushed hard once I'd got to the front.”

Simon Andrews crashed heavily out of the last Superstock race and was airlifted to hospital. The race was red flagged and a race restart was announced, but shortened. Michael Dunlop came out on top with West Midland’s Michael Rutter in second and Gary Johnson in third.

Top ten Superbike result:

1. William Dunlop Tyco Suzuki by TAS Racing 24:02.051 ave. 111.616mph
2. Michael Dunlop BMW Motorrad 24:02.571 (+0.520)
3. Conor Cummins Honda Racing 24:18.188 (+16.137)
4. Michael Rutter Bathams prize winning ales 24:28.200 (+26.149)
5. Ian Hutchinson Milwaukee Yamaha 24:30.099 (+28.048)
6. Simon Andrews BMW Racing 24:36.407 (+34.356)
7. Gary Johnson Lincs Lifting Ltd Honda 24:40.508 (+38.457)
8. Josh Brookes Milwaukee Yamaha 24:45.080 (+43.029)
9. Guy Martin Tyco Suzuki by TAS Racing 24:49.441 (+47.390)
10. Horst Saiger Kawasaki 24:59.244 (+57.193)

Top ten Supersport result: 

1. Bruce Anstey Valvoline Racing by Padgetts 29:49.098 ave. 108.014mph 
2. Conor  Cummins Jackson Racing Honda 29:49.293 (+0.195)
3. Gary Johnson Smiths Triumph 30:08.019 (+18.921)
4. Josh Brookes Milwaukee Yamaha 30:20.452 (+31.354)
5. Michael Dunlop MD Racing Honda 30:22.680 (+33.582)
6. Michael Rutter Smiths Triumph 30:29.520 (+40.422)
7. William Dunlop Tyco Suzuki by TAS Racing 30:45.072 (+55.974)
8. Daniel Cooper Tsingtao WK Kawasaki 30:55.594 (+1:06.496)
9. Russ Mountford Silicone Engineering Racing Triumph 25:40.451 (+1 Lap)
10. James Cowton Cowton Racing Honda 25:42.260 (+1 Lap)

Top ten Superstock result: 

1. Michael Dunlop MD Racing BMW 14:01.973 ave. 114.460mph
2. Michael Rutter Bathams prize winning ales BMW 14:02.877 (+0.904)
3. Gary Johnson Lincs Lifting Ltd Kawasaki 14:11.616 (+9.643)
4. Horst Saiger Kawasaki 14:12.345 (+10.372)
5. Alastair Seeley Mar-Train Racing 14:12.913 (+10.940)
6. Lee Johnston  ECC / Pirtek 14:13.339 (+11.366)
7. Dean Harrison RC Express Racing 14:15.959 (+13.986)
8. James Hillier Quattro Plant / Muc-Off 14:20.576 (+18.603)
9. Stephen Thompson Bathams prize winning ales 14:23.037 (+21.064)
10. Dan Kneen Marks Bloom Racing 14:23.442 (+21.469)

Top ten Superbike race 2 result:

1. Michael Dunlop BMW Motorrad 22:06.288 ave. 122.766mph
2. Josh Brookes Milwaukee Yamaha 22:09.325 (+3.037)
3. Alastair Seeley Mar-Train Racing 22:10.983 (+4.695)
4. Michael Rutter Bathams prize winning ales 22:18.597 (+12.309)
5. Guy Martin Tyco Suzuki by TAS Racing 22:20.464 (+14.176)
6. Conor Cummins Honda Racing 22:20.605 (+14.317)
7. Martin Jessopp Riders Motorcycles 22:35.861 (+29.573)
8. Dean Harrison RC Express Racing 22:38.238 (+31.950)
9. James Hillier Quattro Plant/Muc-Off 22:39.342 (+33.054)
10. Gary Johnson Lincs Lifting Ltd Honda 22:43.550 (+37.262)

Top ten Supertwin result: 

1. Lee Johnston ECC / Pirtek 21:04.845 ave. 101.723mph
2. Michael Dunlop McAdoo Racing 21:06.909 (+2.064)
3. James Cowton Kendo Racing 21:08.007 (+3.162)
4. Jeremy McWilliams KMR / SGS International 21:11.712 (+6.867)
5. Ryan Farquhar KMR / SGS International 21:20.890 (+16.045)
6. Ivan LINTIN McKinstry Racing 21:47.497 (+42.652)
7. Martin Jessopp VRS Performance 21:56.407 (+51.562)
8. Derek Sheils CD Racing 22:01.161 (+56.316)
9. Paul Shoesmith Ice Valley by Motorsave 22:01.968 (+57.123)
10. Gareth Keys DNI 3 Racing 22:04.707 (+59.862)