NW200 Rider Escapes Serious Injury After Landing On Car

The 2024 North West 200 was dominated mostly by two names last week, but Paul Cassidy made headlines on Thursday for this shocking crash

Paul Cassidy 2024 North West 200 crash.

Sometimes you think you’ve seen everything in racing, and then you get reminded how random and unpredictable the world is in which organised professional racing exists.

Paul Cassidy provided the latest example at the 2024 North West 200 last week, when he crashed on Thursday.

Cassidy was behind another rider, who slowed in the first turns of the lap on the run to York Corner. The rider in front looked over their left shoulder and didn’t see the approaching Cassidy, who made contact with them and veered left. Cassidy hit a (thankfully) protected wall, but the protection’s rebound bounced Cassidy a frankly unbelievable height into the air. When he fell, Cassidy landed on a car, which came off worse than the rider, the Volkswagen’s front right corner heavily crumpled while Cassidy walked away without even a broken bone.

It was a remarkable escape for Cassidy, but unfortunately he was unable to make the start of the Superstock race he was set to compete in on Saturday.
On Thursday, after the crash, he explained the incident in a Facebook post.

“As you all know I had a little off at the NW200,” Cassidy said. “I'm all OK, just bloody sore.I was behind a rider and had just clicked fourth. I believe his bike cut out or something on the first right after the start. 

“The marshals said the same thing too. He pulled to the left then looking over his left shoulder not knowing I was going round him and we collided together.

“Unfortunately, nothing I could do at that sort of speed.  Big thank you to everyone for all support. All the medical staff did a cracking job.”
Cassidy added that he “Went up around 25 foot,” before landing on the car.

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