Marshal sign-on opens for 2023 Isle of Man TT races

Marshalling sign-ons for the 2023 Isle of Man TT races have been officially opened by the Isle of Man TT Marshals Association.

IOMTT Marshal

There are now less than 80 days until the 2023 Isle of Man TT races begin, and it is now possible to sign-on as a marshal for this year’s races.

The Isle of Man TT races are almost unique in motorcycle racing, such is their draw and the particularity of the challenge they provide. 

Nonetheless, they cannot escape the reality of all motorsports, which is that they cannot happen without marshals. 

Organising and training marshals for the TT races is handled by the Isle of Man TT Marshals Association (TTMA), who have opened sign-ons for the 2023 Isle of Man TT races.

Of course, marshals play a vital role in racing, helping to ensure the safety of the track between sessions, attending to incidents on-track, and supporting the riders involved. Marshalling also offers the chance to see the racing up-close, which is arguably at its most-spectacular on the Isle of Man, where TT marshals are also invited to the Marshals Supper, held this year in the Mercury Club on Sunday 4 June.

Signing on to be a marshal at the 2023 Isle of Man TT can be done via the TTMA website. After registering, it will be necessary for new marshals to complete two training modules, which have been made simpler to access for this year, and can be “completed on a mobile device,” according to an IOMTT press release. (Those who marshalled at the 2022 TT races, and/or the 2022 Manx Grand Prix, do not need to complete these two training modules.)

All marshals that have undergone at least three sessions on the TT course are able to apply for the Incident Management Course (IMC) offered by the TTMA. “The day-long  course is purpose built to provide TT marshals with the chance to gain more in-depth knowledge on the use of equipment as well as the handling procedures for breakdowns and incidents,” the aforementioned IOMTT press release says.

Jane Corlett, Director, TTMA Ltd, said: “Whether it’s your first time visiting the TT, or you’ve been following the racing for decades, you’ll be made to feel very welcome. And, if you’ve never marshalled anywhere before? You can rest assured you’ll be looked after by the Chief Sector Marshal and teamed up with an experienced marshal to learn the ropes. There are opportunities around the course to suit all interests, backgrounds and levels of experience.

 “You also don’t need to do every qualifying and race session, but every one you can do really does help.  You’ll gain a new set of skills for free as well as join a community that often turn into lifelong friends.”

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