We're going to miss the Miller-Crutchlow MotoGP bromance... and so is Jack

Jack Miller pays a rather touching tribute to his mate Cal Crutchlow following the Briton's exit from MotoGP, crediting him with the rider he is today

Jack Miller, Cal Crutchlow

In a championship that has been forged on bitter rivalries, bad blood and occasionally the odd physical contact (Rossi… Marquez… Sepang 2015…) we can’t decide whether it’s heartening to see it doesn’t always have to be about anger or whether it’s all getting just a little bit too soft. We kid… sort of.

Either way, for the most part the MotoGP of 2020 was really quite friendly - there was no Marc Marquez after all… - whether it was ‘Uncle Vale’ and his growing number of ‘kids’ from the VR46 Academy or Joan Mir’s ever so humble route to the title.

However, none of them come close to MotoGP’s most blossoming bromance in Jack Miller and Cal Crutchlow, who have struck up a very close friendship since they were thrown together at LCR Honda in 2015 for Miller’s MotoGP debut.


It’s become a friendship for the ages, so much so that when it was confirmed Crutchlow would no longer compete full-time in 2021 ahead of his new role as Yamaha test rider, it was Miller everyone turned to for a reaction.

And that response was really rather gushing… albeit obviously in his own indomitable Aussie way.

“A lot of the times I feel he was doubted more than other riders too but every time he was doubted or people wrote him off, he was able to come back and prove them all wrong,” he said in Portimao. “The best thing about him is he is never shy to tell you he’s proved you wrong.

“So we will miss him dearly but he’s a bad smell, he won’t go away.”

It’s a friendship rooted from their period as team-mates in 2015, Miller having made the unusual leap from Moto3 right into MotoGP (albeit on a CRT Honda). Instead of reverting to the usual threatened team-mate trope of defeating your new rival at all costs, instead Crutchlow took Miller under his wing and - according to the Australian in a touching Instagram post - played a huge part in getting him to where he is today as a race winner, a ten-time podium sitter and from 2021, a Ducati factory rider.

“Before I finish up on season 2020 and move onto my next chapter, I can’t go on without saying a few words about my old mate @calcrutchlow. He's been an icon for this sport for 10 years, one of the hardest working guys I've ever seen. 

“Seeing how hard you’ve worked, it’s definitely rubbed off on myself and I can’t wait to lock in for the years to come knowing all of learnt from you. 

“Coming out for the final runs of Q2 together in Portugal was special, just two great mates enjoying being on the bike. I’ll be forever grateful to share the mateship that we have, thanks Crutch.”

And just for old times sake, give yourself a chuckle with this now iconic Crutchlow and Miller crack at commentating… when Miller retires, this is DEFINITELY what they need to do.