Webber: "F1 needs a character like Rossi"

Aussie F1 ace plans Rossiesque victory celebrations in 2010

AUSTRALIAN FORMULA ONE ace Mark Webber has said the drivers' championship needs someone with the flambouyant attitude of Valentino Rossi in the sport.

Speaking to Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, Webber said he's planning to put on a Rossi-style show when he wins his first 2010 GP.

"He [Rossi] is great, F1 needs a character like him. For my first victory of 2010 I will do something for the fans: it won't be as brilliant Rossi-style, but enough to thank them."

On the controversial subject of new teams and new drivers in Formula One, Webber went on to say:

"It's embarrassing. It's incredible that people who haven't yet turned a wheel take part in grands prix. It's the sort of stuff from Mickey Mouse, or Tom and Jerry. It would make more sense to field Valentino Rossi with his bike on the grid."

Now that would be something.