'We need 5 Gaddas!' - Rossi talks electronics, Scooter brake, tyres...

Valentino Rossi spends Monday's MotoGP test in Catalunya 'mainly' working on electronics, plus handlebar-mounted rear brake, tyres and exhaust.
'We need 5 Gaddas!' - Rossi talks electronics, Scooter brake, tyres...

Revised electronics aimed at improving both corner entry and exit were the main development for Valentino Rossi to try during Monday's post-race MotoGP test in Catalunya.

The Monster Yamaha rider, denied what he feels was a chance of the podium when among the trio eliminated in Jorge Lorenzo's early race fall, returned to complete 71 laps of the Barcelona track.

Rossi's best lap put him 1.001s from team-mate and test leader Maverick Vinales, for 14th on the timesheets, having avoided a time attack.

"We tried some different things, especially about electronics, to improve the braking and a bit in acceleration," Rossi said. "It was positive, because it's something we can use from the next race. We found some good solutions."

Rossi confirmed that Michele Gadda - promoted from Yamaha's WorldSBK project to become Head of the factory's new European-based Electronic Control Group - is a key figure behind the developments, as Yamaha seeks to address one of the M1's main weaknesses.

"Gadda's a very good guy. For me, we improve a lot with him," said Rossi, before warning: "The problem is we need five Gaddas, but we only have one!"



Handlebar rear brake lever added to one of Rossi's M1s at #CatalunyaTest

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While the Monday test was 'mainly' about electronics, The Doctor also worked on using the rear brake more in the centre of the corner to help turn the bike.

The massive lean angles in MotoGP mean operating the usual foot lever is difficult mid-corner, hence increasing use of either a thumb or (scooter-style) finger operated rear brake lever, located below the clutch.

"I tested the thumb brake and I tested also the 'scooter brake'," Rossi explained. "It's interesting, it's not so bad. You only use the clutch in the start now, but anyway the start is important.

"The problem is a lack of space, because you have the clutch lever up and the brake lever below, so it's not easy.

"The thumb brake is a bit easier. Maybe this can be the future, because anyway, if you have all the brakes at your fingers, it can help in the centre of the corner."

Rossi also put more mileage on the revised exhaust seen briefly in free practice this weekend, but described it as "a small difference", while a much bigger impact was felt by the prototype 2020 Michelin rear tyres.

"The tyres are fantastic, they made a good job, because they improved the grip in acceleration so you can open the throttle earlier and you can go faster in acceleration. So the new tyres are better," Rossi said.

The next event, at Assen, will mark the two-year anniversary since Rossi's last MotoGP race victory.