Toseland MotoGP dream 'not over'

Yamaha bigwig admits that Toseland could possibly stay in MotoGP, despite Tech 3 split

JAMES TOSELAND'S MotoGP dream might NOT be over, according to one of the senior Yamaha men.

Nigel Bosworth, former 250GP star and now Race Director for Yamaha UK, has let slip that Toseland is still in talks with MotoGP teams despite having lost his Tech 3 ride.

Bosworth also hinted that Toseland's manager, former WSB and BSB rider Roger Burnett, has spent the weekend at Imola talking to team bosses about a ride for the Brit in 2010.

Bosworth said: "James is talking to other teams in MotoGP at the moment so he might be able to find a ride and stay in the championship. At the moment it's not a done deal that he is going back to WSB. There are deals on the table that both sides are considering."

It's reported Dorna, the governing body of MotoGP, are keen to keep a British connection within MotoGP. They're also keen to boost the flagging numbers of bikes on the MotoGP grid and are keen to get bums on seats in satellite teams.

Watch this space: JT's MotoGP career may not be ending just yet.