Stoner: 'Marquez may need to relax a little'

World Champ says Moto2 success doesn't count for much in MotoGP

CASEY Stoner has said that Marc Marquez may need to relax a little when he joins the MotoGP class.

Talking about the man who's filling his seat at Repsol Honda in 2013, Stoner said: "I don’t think Marc will ask me for any advice. In fact, he probably considers himself a little better than I am, because he has a lot of confidence in himself and his abilities. I think he may need to relax a little, because this category is not so easy."

Stoner said he wasn't sure how the MotoGP rookie would fare in his first season and said: "I'm not sure about the level of Moto2. We can see that he is at a much higher level than other riders, but I’m not sure about the level of his rivals. We have not seen a Moto2 rider come up to this championship with much success."

Talking about Stefan Bradl who has stepped up to the MotoGP class this year, Stoner said: "Bradl has had a couple of decent results, but I made mistakes in those races so maybe things have looked a little better than they are really."

After that, we can't imagine Marquez or Bradl will be asking Uncle Casey for any advice next season.