Stoner fined after warm-up punch

Casey Stoner fined €5000 after punching Randy De Puniet in warm-up

IN the morning warm-up session ahead of the Le Mans race Casey Stoner punched Randy De Puniet after highspeed near-miss, the Repsol Honda rider was fined €5,000 for his antics.

Stoner, who had blitzed all the sessions over the race weekend, was on a flying lap and coming out of Garage Vert found De Puniet veering across to the racing line. The Australian was forced to brake to avoid the cruising Pramac Ducati and in high emotion punched the Frenchman on the shoulder.

Speaking to GPOne, Stoner commented on the near-miss and joked: "That's 5,000 well spent, because at least it means the Race Direction is taking some action.

"I'm OK with Randy De Puniet; we spoke during the meeting with Race Direction, and Randy apologized to me. He said it was his fault and asked Race Direction not to fine me.

"I was wrong to give him a punch, but imagine going at 200 Km/h and finding someone in front of you going 100 Km/h slower. I didn't have any room to go around, because there was a wall next to me.  My heart was in my throat and I though I was going to get killed."

Randy De Puniet was apologetic of the incident that saw Stoner lash out at him and accepted the blame, the Frenchman said: "I'm sorry about what happened this morning with Casey. I was adjusting the brake, thinking that I had no one behind. Then, suddenly, I saw Casey coming behind me at full speed, I tried to leave the road to him, but unfortunately I went where he was pointing. I'm sorry and even if his reaction was not the best, for me it's all put in the past and I have nothing wrong against him."