Simoncelli: "I have realised where I have gone wrong"

Gresini Honda rider admits that he may have been wrong in the pass and to be more cautious in the future

WITH pressure building up on Marco Simoncelli from Race Direction on his questionable pass on Dani Pedrosa at Le Mans, the Italian has admitted his judgement may have been wrong and to be more cautious in the future.

The pass that has resulted in Pedrosa missing the Catalunya race through injury and dividing paddock and public opinion has raged on since the French GP two weeks ago, Simoncelli believing that it was an attack from behind the scenes with criticism of his aggressive riding style and fans joining in calls that the punishment was unfair, that it was just a 'racing incident'.

However, Simoncelli, speaking ahead of the next round said: "I have had time over the two-week break to think about the race at Le Mans. I am still disappointed with what happened to Dani and I hope that he has recovered from his injury in time for this weekend.

"I am also disappointed because Honda were unable to celebrate having four bikes in the top four positions at the French Grand Prix."

Before the race Simoncelli is expected to sit infront of Race Direction to discuss his on-track behaviour and the Le Mans episode, he continued, "Overall on reflection I have realised where I have gone wrong and in the future I will try at certain times to evaluate the situation better and be a little more cautious.

"I know that I'm probably not going to get a standing ovation at Barcelona but I hope that if I am criticised it is done in a civilised manner and not in the way that has happened in other sports in the past.

"In any case I just want to put the controversy behind me and get out there on my bike and start working towards a race that I am sure the team and I have the potential to do well in.” concluded Marco.