Simoncelli hits out at Spanish rivals

'As people they aren't worth much'

AFRO-HAIRED Italian Marco Simoncelli has launched a scathing attack on fellow MotoGP rookies Alvaro Bautista and Hector Barbera, saying 'as people they aren't worth much'.

After several heated incidents in the 250cc class between the two Spaniards and the fiery Italian, Simoncelli now says he wants little to do with the pair.

"I don't want to have anything to do with them anymore, also considering we reason in a different way. They are strong riders, but as people they aren't worth much," Simoncelli told Motosprint.

"I race anyone in the same way, so it's unbelievable that there were problems only with them. I happen to make contact with many riders, but with them - especially Bautista - it's always a big fuss. In 2009 he has given me the impression of being someone looking for excuses.

"As for Barbera, he ran into me at Assen, and then said that he had to do it because I wouldn't let him through - as if it was my fault!"

It looks like 2010's lining up to be the hottest MotoGP season yet. We reckon there's going to be quite a bit of paint-swapping between these three.