Rossi's mum: Now I fear for Valentino

Interview with Italian press after Simoncelli's death

STEFANIA Palma, Valentino Rossi's mother has said she's afraid for Valentino, following Marco Simoncelli's death.

In her interview with La Nazione, Valentino's mother recounts how Marco and Valentino played football as kids, how the two families are very close and that losing Marco feels like losing a family member. She goes on to say that both her and Marco's mother, Rossella, had both allowed their sons to make their own decisions in life.

Stefania said she always felt close to Valentino, but now she fears for him. Valentino, who texted her from Sepang, said it had been a very difficult year, however she went on to say she's not afraid of Valentino quitting: "So far Valentio has been lucky and hope has always been a part of his life and when he has been injured he has always healed and looked to move on whereas in the case of Marco and Marco's mother, when there is death there is no hope."