Rossi, Marquez to race stewards after dramatic near-miss incident

Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez could come in for punishments ahead of the San Marino MotoGP after twice almost coming together in qualifying

Marc Marquez - Valentino Rossi

UPDATE: FIM Race Stewards make ruling on the incident - CLICK HERE for full story

Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez have been summoned to the race stewards at Misano after almost coming together during qualifying for the San Marino MotoGP.

The pair, which have had a frosty relationship in the past – albeit one that has thawed in recent seasons – look to be back to their old feuding self after Marquez attempted to follow Rossi, before then making an aggressive pass that sent him wide on the exit anyway. 

Rossi responded by straight-lining the apex of turn eight and block passing back up the inside at the next turn, forcing both to sit up and bring an end to their fast laps. Rossi qualified seventh and Marquez fifth.

The incident is reminiscent of their famous coming together 2015 Malaysian MotoGP fracas when Rossi allegedly kicked out and took Marquez down. 

The pair have subsequently been called to race stewards to explain their part in the incident with a decision on a potential punishment to come later this afternoon.

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