Rossi: 'Ducati taught me nothing'

The Doctor admits to failing to see the benefit of two winless seasons with Ducati

VALENTINO ROSSI has revealed he doesn't feel he has learnt anything from his time at Ducati, admitting to huge frustration with his two bleak seasons at the Italian team. 

Speaking to Italia1, Rossi said: 'They say that if you get through a difficult spell you get stronger. We'll have to see. In my opinion, it hasn't taught me anything,'

'Obviously I've been disappointed with the results. I'm disappointed with the fact that I haven't been able to sort out the bike and make it a winner, and even if not a winner not managing to improve it, to make some steps forward. This is what I missed.'

'I didn't need to live two difficult years.'

However, The Doctor is determined to return to winning ways with Yamaha in 2013, and does not believe he has lost any of his old skills: 'I don't think I've lost anything. In fact, I'm in shape and charged up. These two years will turn out to be useful to enjoy more the upcoming ones.'

In light of Casey Stoner's recent (some would say premature) retirement, and the announcement that youthful Jorge Lorenzo is considering a similar step, does Vale feel he could be heading the same way?

He said: '...I'd like to always remain a racer while I can, because after bikes I'll be able to race in cars: obviously not at the level of bikes; perhaps with the same commitment but in less important series. Never say never, who knows. But I hope [his two-year Yamaha spell] is the final one because it would mean it's gone well.'

'I think one should do his own sport as long as he is competitive and feels like doing it, because all the people who have quit with still a will to race have regretted the decision.'

Fan excitement for Rossi's return to Yamaha is at fever pitch - he won four world championships with the team before moving to Ducati. He recently told Gazzetta dello Sport that riding the Yamaha again felt like he'd 'never been away'.