MotoGP: Rossi to wear Dainese airbag suit at Donington

MotoGP World Champion to test air safety suit at British GP

VALENTINO ROSSI will use the Dainese airbag for the first time during competition at the Grand Prix race in Donington Park this weekend.

Rossi's team-mate Jorge Lorenzo was the first Moto GP Dainese racer to use the suit at last week’s Grand Prix race at the Sachsenring after taking an ugly spill in Laguna Seca:

“I’m very proud to participate in the D-air Racing system development project,” he said.

 “I believe this to be an extremely important innovation. After my falls in Laguna Seca, I no longer had any doubt that it was time to start wearing this new suit, which certainly offers more safety than the standard suit. Dainese has taken big steps forward in its perfection of the system, and we racers can make a further contribution in the creation of the prototype: we can’t stop now! Like any innovation, it takes a little time to get used to wearing the new suit, but I feel much safer with the system on and that’s the most important thing. I’d like to thank the entire Dainese team for all the precious work they’ve done to make motorcycle riding safer.”