MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi take first win of the season – in court!

Valentino Rossi has won a court battle about the legitimacy of the MotoGP legend’s Tavullia villa

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VALENTINO Rossi has taken his first (and possibly only) win of 2021 after an Italian court sided with the MotoGP racer over a land dispute with a neighbour.

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The case centred around Rossi’s Villa in Tavullia, which his neighbour claimed was built ‘illegitimately’ as it blocked the neighbours view of the area. Reading the report in il Resto del Carlino Pesaro, it seems that the person was trying to claim for €850,000, the price they were trying to sell their house for prior to Rossi’s mansion which now ‘obscures the panorama’.

The magistrate Gianfranco Tamburini rejected the neighbour's claims, declaring the application null and void and ordering the applicant to pay 7,245 euros, in legal fees and court costs.

Oddly, the story originates from a case raised way ack in 2019, although it is only today that it is seeing the light of day. It is reported that an appeal hearing is set for April 14th 2021, possibly the reason we are only now hearing about the initial case.

It’s not the first time Rossi has won in his local courts, in 2015 he won a case against the former custodians of his villa. In that that case they were claiming he owed them more than €100,000 in expenses and overtime that was unpaid.