MotoGP: No go for production-based engine class

WSBK promoters step in to crush rumours of production class in MotoGP

WOW, it’s not often you get a statement as strong as this one from the motorcycle racing world, but last night WSB bosses basically issued a ‘hands off or we’ll have you in court’ release aimed squarely at MotoGP’s door.

There has been some mumblings in the MotoGP world that the championship is looking at 1000cc proddie-based motors for the premier class to try and reduce costs further.

MotoGP is in dire straits with just 17 bikes on the grid and that number is set to reduce even more in 2010. The 1000cc idea could be a goer.

Or at least, it could be if MotoGP want a very big legal fight from WSB firm Infront Motor Sports.

Infront Motor Sports, promoters of the World Superbike series, has made the following statement:

Infront Motor Sports does not consider a similar idea either to be realistic or feasible in view of the existing contracts between the FIM and Infront Motor Sports itself and in view of the specific characteristics of the World Superbike and MotoGP championships.

We believe therefore that such a project will not have any follow-up. Nevertheless, wherever future developments should render necessary any action of defense of the rights of Infront Motor Sports, as well as those of all the teams, manufacturers, riders, sponsors and media who have invested in the Superbike and Supersport World Championships, such action will be immediately set in motion at all levels.