MotoGP legend to set up ‘global motorcycling academy’ with its own track

Motorcycle racing legend and former MotoGP team owner Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ has announced a new ‘global motorcycling academy’

Aspar Circuit

Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ has set up a new circuit in Spain, whose aim is to be the base of a new ‘global motorcycling academy’.

From the anglicised perspective, it would seem ironic that a ‘global’ motorcycling academy should be set up by a Spaniard in Spain, but, objectively, Spain is currently the global capital of motorcycling, at least in a competitive capacity.

In his life since retirement, ‘Aspar’ has become an integral part of the MotoGP paddock. The Aspar team ran in MotoGP until the end of the 2018 season and has gone on to form a strong relationship with the Pierer Mobility Group in the years since. 2021 began Aspar’s time as the official GasGas team in Moto3 and Moto2, winning multiple Grands Prix in both classes and the 2022 Moto3 World Championship with Izan Guevara.

The Aspar Circuit is a new facility being launched by the Aspar organisation, headed by Jorge Martinez, CEO of the facility. It aims to be a place for young people to learn their craft, but not only in motorcycle racing, or even motorcycling. 

Located in Guadassuar, Valencia, Aspar Circuit will become the headquarters of the aforementioned Aspar Team, and will contain three circuits: a 2.2km main circuit, an 850-metre kart circuit, and a 1.1km off-road track; as well as an asphalt “platform”. There is also a paddock area, a “green surface,” and many other facilities including the Aspar Museum, a restaurant, a heliport, and a medical clinic.

The circuit aims to be a place for young riders to grow and learn their craft, and be supported from aspects including physical, technical, and academic. It also aims to be a place for novice riders to improve their safety, and for mechanics to improve their skills with the Aspar KSB Technical Academy.

Another service aimed to be offered by the circuit is that aimed at businesses. “Aspar Circuit also aims to become a business space where companies can develop any kind of commercial, corporate or business activity. Its high-quality facilities and infrastructures make it a privileged place to host events, product presentations, video and photo sessions, concerts, etc.,” Aspar Circuit says. 

Jorge Martínez “Aspar”, CEO of Aspar Circuit, said: “Aspar Circuit will be the first global motorcycling academy in the world. This project will work on road safety for children, the training of riders and mechanics from the beginning, and will also become the central headquarters for all the team's structures. We are going to show something totally different, there is no other project like this. Soon we will unveil everything about Aspar Circuit.”