Moto3 rider thrown out of Misano round after slow riding causes big smash

Honda Team Asia Moto3 rider Yuki Kunii is excluded from the San Marino Moto3 race at Misano after deliberately slow riding causes a big accident

Yuki Kunii

Yuki Kunii has been disqualified from the San Marino Moto3 round at Misano as punishment for causing an frightening accident during which he was struck hard by an unsighted Alberto Surra during FP3.

The incident occurred at the fast Turn 11 when Sarra on a hot lap came up behind a touring Kunii and rear-ended him, throwing him off his Rivacold Snipers bike.

An investigation later revealed the Honda Team Asia rider Kunii was - according to telemetry - riding slowly in the racing line, leaving Sarra no opportunity to react as he struck the back of his rival at speed.

Though Honda Team Asia appealed the decision in the hope it would allow its rider to start at least, the FIM upheld its decision meaning Kunii - who has a best finish of eighth this year - will watch today’s event from the sidelines.

“On 18 September 2021 at 09:48 during the Moto3 FP3 session of the GRAN PREMIO OCTO DI SAN MARINO E DELLA RIVIERA DI RIMINI you were found to be slow on the racing line confirmed by ECU data causing a crash at Turn 11,” read the ‘Motive’ section of the official Notification of Sanction.

“This contravenes the specific instructions given to all team/competitors, and it is considered irresponsible riding causing danger to other competitors.

“It is therefore an infringement of Article 1.21.2 of the FIM World Championship Grand Prix Regulations.”

The incident comes in a season where riding standards among Moto3’s perceived novice category have come in for close scrutiny amid criticism for the practice of slowing on track to either find space without traffic or to wait for a faster rider to pass and tuck in behind.

Though Surra required a visit to the medical centre, he has been passed fit to race.