Moto2 to cost 10 times LESS than 250GPs

Replacement 250 class deemed financial success - so far

RACING IN this year's inaugural Moto2 series will cost 10 times less than competing in 250GPs, a survey has shown.

Spanish website has revealed the cost of racing in the new 600cc four-stroke class will cost around £625,000 per season, compared to the multi-million pound cost of racing in the ultra-expensive 250cc two-stoke GP class.

For instance, a competitive Moto2 machine will set race teams back, on average, around £90,000, compared to the £1 million price tag hanging on the bars of the top-flight 250cc machines. Figures like that go a long way when you're touting sponsors for the upcoming season.

Estimated 2010 Moto2 competition costs:

£15,435 registration deposit for each rider in the team
£62,650 (Suter) – £130,000 (RSV) for the Moto2 race bike minus motor
£80,000 to lease and maintain the Honda 600cc Moto2 engine
£360,000 maintenance costs and mechanic salaries for the Moto2 bike for the season
£35,000 for Dunlop tyres
£3000 for a 2D datalogger

We reckon this year's Moto2 series will be a proper elbow-to-elbow battle, fought by riders itching to prove they're future MotoGP stars.

Bring it on!

Source: asphaltandrubber via