Michelin unsure how COTA will 'behave'

'Until Friday morning we don’t completely know how the circuit will behave' - Piero Taramasso on latest repair work at COTA.
Michelin unsure how COTA will 'behave'

Further bump removal work at the Circuit of the Americas means Michelin is not entirely sure what to expect from the track surface during this weekend's MotoGP in Austin, Texas.

Heavy machinery was brought in to try and plane down the worst of the bumps prior to last season's event, and the same treatment has been reapplied for 2019.

Michelin's range of tyres has been picked to cope with the expected stress over the 11-right and 9-left-hand turn configuration, plus 1.2km straight, as well as change to the surface.

Available in soft, medium and hard compounds, the front selection will all be symmetrical, while the asymmetric rears have a harder right side to handle the extra demands on that edge of the tyre.

“Austin is a very demanding circuit for all involved and this year it feels like we are going there again not quite sure what to expect," said Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager Piero Taramasso.

"The track has had some more repair work to try to smooth out the bumps, so it will be a case for all to see how it performs and how the asphalt works compared to other seasons.

"We have a strong line-up of compounds, which we think are ideally suited to what we expect from the track and will give the opportunity to push for some very strong performances and fast times, but until Friday morning we don’t completely know how the circuit will behave.

"That being said though, Austin is a great event and we are always made to feel very welcome by the officials at CoTA and all the fans, so we will be determined to play our part in putting on a great show for them.”

As with the previous round at Termas de Rio Hondo, COTA is a circuit where the official lap records still date back to the Bridgestone era.