Michelin: The ideal amount of MotoGP wheelspin…

What is the optimum amount of wheelspin for a MotoGP rear tyre?
Michelin: The ideal amount of MotoGP wheelspin…

It's no secret that a certain amount of wheelspin is needed to get the maximum acceleration out of a rear tyre.

So what is the ideal percentage of spin for the current generation of Michelin MotoGP tyres?

"It depends on things like the track, the tyre and the motorbike but if you stay between 10-15%, this is the ideal," replied Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager Piero Taramasso.

"Because you need a little bit of spin to generate heat, but not too much because then you overheat the tyre."

Traction or drive out of the corners is one of the areas where Yamaha, for example, feel they are losing out relative to the likes of Honda and Ducati.

Engine character, electronics and throttle control are the main 'tools' to try and keep the rear Michelin in the spin sweet-spot.